Association Management – Facilitating Actions Required of the Board of Directors

The amount of tasks entrusted to Cardinal Point are negotiable.  We can do it all, or we can facilitate just a portion if that is all you require.

Items this can entail:

  • Resident Relations & Rule Enforcement
  • Collecting Fees, Assessments, etc.
  • 24 hour on-call service 7 days a week!
  • Scheduled drive-bys to the frequency preferred or required
  • Keeping the Board notified of ALL on-goings while they maintain the right to make all decisions, unless otherwise granted by Board
  • Operating association web site
  • Acting on behalf of the Board as Agent at all times
  • Coordinating all ongoing maintenance & needed repairs within budget
  • Hiring necessary contractors & negotiating costs – only current & fully insured contractors will be hired
  • Forming annual budget with Board approval to be voted on by Owners
  • Scheduling meetings and preparing all necessary paperwork (e.g. statements, budget performance, profit & loss, etc.)
  • Handling all legally allowed court proceedings should they arise if date of concern is within the time of Cardinal Point employ
  • Managing operating accounts, and acting as cosigner on your behalf (this can be done without being cosigner as well)
  • Paying all bills on your behalf – with a financial statement reviewed at each meeting
  • Facilitating any other items the Board requires

Rates for Association Management varies based on what is included, location, & size of the property, so call today for a FREE quote!