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Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Before requesting maintenance, have you tried these?

** For Emergencies, please call (603) 570-9112 x.1 **


  • Clean or Change Filter


  • Plug in
  • Reset Breaker by switching it Off then back On
  • Refrigerator/Freezer – Check Temperature Settings
  • Dryer – Clean out Lint Screen before each use
  • Garbage Disposal – Push Reset button, typically located underneath the unit


  • Use Plunger to clear blockage
  • Follow directions for proper use of drain cleaning products Before using


  • Reset Breakers by switching Off then back On, and make sure Main Breaker is on if there is one for your unit
  • Be sure Light Switches are in “ON” position (some outlets are connected to these)
  • Check & Replace Light Bulbs as needed
  • Power Outage – Call your utility company or check their website for updates


  • Insects – Apply Spray or Set Bait Traps
  • Rodents & Wildlife – Call your Lead Property Manager
  • Bed Bugs – Save 1-5 sample bug(s) in a tightly sealed sandwich baggie & call your Lead Property Manager Immediately


    • DO NOT take these for granted.  CO poisoning is a real potential danger.
    • Replace batteries every 6 months
    • Call your Lead Property Manager if changing the battery does not hush the device