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Some Quick Tips To Help You Squeeze Out The Chill…


If you cannot get someone else to pay your bills for you, then the next easiest ways to save on heat are here!  Try implementing these to save 20-50% off of your heating costs!



  1. Install programmable thermostats, and set the temperature lower for when you are away from home or sleeping.  This is the cornerstone of saving on heat!
  2. Clean or replace filters for furnaces once per month, or whenever it is recommended for your particular equipment.
  3. Hire a professional to get rid of any trapped air inside hot-water radiators at least once every Winter.
  4. Clean radiators, registers, and baseboard heaters at least once a month, and make sure they are not blocked by any rugs, carpeting, curtains, or furniture.
  5. Turn off exhaust fans in your bath, kitchen, etc. within 30 minutes after you are done showering or cooking, and install a quiet, high efficiency exhaust fan model if you are able.
  6. Place heat-resistant radiator reflectors between radiators and exterior walls.
  7. Keep shades and curtains open in any of your windows facing South during the daytime to let the sunlight in, and close them at night to reduce the chill.

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Stay warm this Winter!…Til next time,

Eugene P. Bilodeau