A few tips to help save you money this Winter:


1. Drain outside spigots.  Make sure outside spigots are off.  Then find the inside shutoff valve, which should have a drain plug attached.  Shut it off and leave the drain plug open.  Then go outside and open the faucets and leave them open.  That way, any remaining water drains out and won’t freeze.

2. Clean all the debris from gutters and down spouts.  Clear out those outside window wells too, to prevent the debris from freezing where it is and blocking water drainage.

3. Check the windows.  Make sure your storm windows are completely protecting your window.  Make sure the weep holes, which allow condensation to drain, are clean and open.

4. Check storm doors.  Make sure they close properly.  Now is also the time to add that weather-stripping around doors and thresholds if you need it.

5. Insulate water lines.  Put foam rubber insulation around hot and cold water pipes.  You’ll increase efficiency and save energy.

6. Get those heating units maintained.  Make sure your heating appliances are cleaned and serviced and ready for winter.

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Stay warm this Winter!…Til next time,

Eugene P. Bilodeau