Winterize your property  & Prepare for Winter

Now is a great time to check on everything within your property if you have not done so already.  October is great, as there are fewer vacancies & less prospective tenant residents looking to move.  This time of year is when it slows down a little & you can focus on preparing for winter:

  • Make sure you have necessary contractors available for on-call work in case of highly inclement weather or a long cold streak of weather
  • Have your furnace & boilers checked yearly at this time, unless you have done so this past Spring
  • Make sure you have a contract as soon as possible for plowing / shoveling and other winter cleanup needs
  • Inspect all chimneys professionally before the season requires their use.
  • Do you have any ice damming problems in the winter?  Find a solution now, before contractors get busy
  • Winterizing a vacation or vacant property?  If you are in a popular area for this, you should get on the ball now as well to get this scheduled.  They will be busy soon too.  Make sure the contractor is as experienced as you can find for this one, as this can lead to expensive problems in the near future if done wrong.
  • If you have a property manager, make sure you are on the same page about any concerns.  This will make for a smooth process if any extra items are decided to be taken care of this year.   Other things to consider include: clean gutters, block &/or insulate air leaks, make sure ducts are attached properly & tight, put up storm windows, wrapping water lines with proper insulation, replace all alarm batteries, etc.

Make a list of potential property issues other than the ones mentioned above & be prepared this Winter before it hits!

I wish you all great luck!  Please feel free to contact me regarding any property management questions.

Til next time,

Eugene P. Bilodeau